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Ddos Attack And How To Protect Your Business Against Them

November 13th, 2015

Technology is changing and we are now living in a cyber world. Unfortunately, with this new way of life, we are open to new and more sophisticated attacks such as the distributed denial of service attacks. DDoS attacks as meant to try and make the resources of a computer unavailable to their users. The DDoS attacks vary in two main ways. Similarly, the attacks employ to common approaches, which include attacking different resources of your computer as well as overwhelming your network with bogus traffic making your website unavailable to the users.  The main motives behind the DDoS attacksinclude extortion, disruption of business activities, tarnishing your brand name and reputation, and in some cases hacking attempts.


The DDoS attacks are also known to be attempts to exhaust your networks bandwidth and the server resources. In a case of a large scale DDoS attack, these are usually performed using botnets which have the ability to target a wide range of computers located in various locations around the world. To protect your business against these lethal attacks, you will be required to invest in the best DDoS protected dedicated server.

What do these attacks do?

The types of DDoS attacks vary in a number of ways. In fact, there are thousands of different ways the DDoS attacks can be carried out. However, these types, also known as the attack vectors, can be categorized in three main categories as discussed below.

Volumetric Attacks

These attacks target the bandwidth of your network. They attempt to exhaust the bandwidth to cripple your network and services. They can also be targeted at your website resulting in downtime. These attacks cause network congestion resulting in expensive downtime.


TCP State-exhaustion

These attacks are designed to exhaust the connection state tables present in your infrastructure resources. These attacks cripple the network firewalls as well as your application servers. Even the best and state of the art equipments are not immune to these attacks.

Application Attacks

DDoS application attacks target specific application or the entire layer-& of your system. Of all the DDoS attacks, this is the most dangerous form of attack. Fortunately, the DDoS protected dedicated server can help guard your business against this form of attacks effectively.

In today’s world, the DDoS attacks have become more sophisticated and will affect any network, regardless of the security put in place. Even when you invest in the best security system, you need to run a thorough background check to ensure it is effective in guarding your business against all these types of attacks.

Without the service of an effective DDoS protected dedicated server, you cannot guarantee continuity of your business. The damage done by these attacks can be quite expensive to deal with. In most cases, the revenue lost by these attacks can be as high as millions of dollars. You cannot compromise on the reputation of your brand. As such, invest in the best security measures and keep your business functional and safe round the clock.

What Does a Personal VPN Offer In Terms of Privacy And Services

June 10th, 2015

A personal VPN is your way of ensuring protection for your privacy while surfing online. It is interesting to know that the way VPN works it offers more protection to your personal information compared to what you may think. Many often think that privacy protection is nothing more than masking or obscuring the IP address of their machine. But besides providing such privacy, VPN services also take care of different other aspects that may affect your privacy online.


There are so many locations all over the globe where it is strictly restricted to access information available on internet. Usually, sophisticated firewalls as well as other technologies are used for doing this and to prevent people against accessing information which may be inconvenient for some. For getting rid of such restrictions your personal VPN proves to be quite valuable.

How a Personal VPN Bypasses Restrictions?

Your VPN network pretends to be a computer that is located somewhere else. For instance, if computers from any specific country are restricted to access specific websites then a cover is provided by VPN and they are allowed to get access to those restricted websites. VPN only provides you the IP address belonging to a country where the site is not restricted and it lifts the restriction automatically.

A personal VPN network offers information freedom even in the environment where severe restrictions are in place.


One of the main reasons for which people usually sign up to VPN services is the anonymity that is on offer. This means, when a website is being visited by you through a VPN connection, your IP remains invisible to others and some other IP takes its place and you can view whatever desired without being noticed. So, the websites which log your IP address in order to sell them to any marketing company will not know you at all. Furthermore, any kind of malicious attacks that may be launched against your IP address will not affect you at all.


Another important feature of a personal VPN is encryption of all your data. Any professional VPN service makes use of a particular encryption mechanism to convert your messages or online information into something that yields nothing until it is decrypted with the authentic encryption key. This helps in keeping all your private information safe from attackers or hackers and you can stay secured against any identity theft issues as well.

Protection of one’s privacy tends to be a major issue if they use internet way too much. The use of a reliable VPN service can be one way of protecting any personal information online. It is always necessary to provide IP address for accessing any resource online. When you are using a VPN connection, your actual IP address is not made public; instead a server address is being used for providing access to your desired resource. This way, your privacy on the internet is well taken care of.

VPN for Germany – Enjoy The Many Perks

June 10th, 2015

Typically, VPN is used by companies who have their workers in remote locations as it allows them to have access to local network of the company wherever they may be working from. While using VPN, the employees can securely access their office printers, files and any external hard disk drives, and there is no need for them to be present at their office physically.

However, your VPN for Germany can be used for your personal needs, particularly when you often connect to any unsecure networks or where you have limited access. Lots of hackers lurk at different free Wi-Fi hotspots and they are on the quest to intrude your personal computers. They may be doing it just for fun or may be up for stealing your sensitive information which can be used by them for different purposes.

Things to Know About VPN for Germany

Your VPN for Germany comes with so many desirable benefits and you must be ready to gain benefit of them all. Discussed below are some of them.

Security Benefits

Your computer is your safety vault nowadays as there is so much important data that you have stored on it. This data can include your personal photos, banking information and even your confidential business reports. So, you definitely need a secure method for connecting to internet. You can get all the security you need with the help of your VPN for Germany as it offers a secured tunnel through which all your data passes and there is no risk of anyone else attacking it.

Surf Anonymously

Anonymity while surfing the internet is amongst the top factors required by people who look for VPN for Germany. While browsing the internet, if you are not using a secure network, it is quite possible for others to have access to your system through the IP address you are using. This can easily be done by tracking this address as it is visible to all the websites that you use and to the ISP as well. However, using a VPN service will hide your true IP address and only a public ID of the VPN connection will be visible. So, you can browse the internet anonymously.

Ease of Use

Your VPN for Germany is not at all hard to use. This is the main feature of any good service provider to provide utmost ease to its users. Mostly, you get instructions emailed to you by the service provider about setting up the connection. When it is good to go, you have nothing to do but to browse the restricted websites or from a restricted location anonymously.


Using VPN will allow you to notice that your connection to the internet is showing some changes in performance. The speed may be slowed down, or you may even not be able to browse sometimes. To be honest, it is mostly the problem with VPNs that charge you almost next to nothing. So, it is advisable to find a VPN for Germany from that offers bigger bandwidth and affordable plans so that any performance issues can be avoided.