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Overview of Clans in Cardfight Vanguard

June 10th, 2015

In card fight vanguard, units are organized into Clans and Nations. Planet Cray where the action takes place is divided into countries called Nations. There are 6 Nations in all, and each nation is subdivided into clans which are basically groups of units capable of forming alliances.

Each clan has their own unique aesthetics. They base their style of play around a specific skill.

Royal Paladin

The clan Royal Paladin focuses on filling the field and calling other units to the rear. Players who have more Royal paladins are in a stronger position to win.


The clan Kagero revolves around retiring opponents with skills. They focus on depleting the enemy’s resources by retiring their rear-guards.


This clan focuses on the drop zone. It is themed around undead pirates, ghosts and zombies. Granblues can use their special skills to be called to the rear from the drop zone. These units can also be used to ride.

Dark Irregular

This clan possesses skills that soulcharge. They depend on using the soul. Some of them get a boost if you’ve a certain number of cards in soul. You should use your soulblast skills judiciously and you should soulcharge only when it is necessary. Otherwise, you will have fewer cards to play.

Angel Feather

The clan Angel Feather likes side decks and healing. They can heal more than four times per match. Actually, they are the only clan that is capable of ignoring the healing restriction of equal or greater damage. In addition, their damage zone serves as the secondary hand. They focus on manipulating the damage zone.

Shadow Paladin

This clan focuses on sacrificing other units. When you play Shadow Paladins, you should sacrifice your units conservatively because you will have fewer units to guard, boost or attack.

Pale Moon

Pale Moon’s focus on the soul. They can call out card from the soul to the rear. They contain several soulcharging effects.

Spike Brothers

Spike Brothers possess skills which focus on the deck. They can call units from the deck. Their skills can also give a unit a boost. The secret to playing Spike Brothers is to use their skills at the right time.

Nova Grappler

This clan focuses on their rear guards. Overwhelming your opponents with powerful rear guards is the secret to playing Nova Grapplers.

The Benefits of Reading Slow Cooker Reviews before Buying One

May 2nd, 2015

A slow cooker review is a review that is based on, analyzers and critiques a slow cooker, a kitchen appliance designed to slow cook food, especially meat. It is highly recommended that, before a person enters the market in search for a slow cooker, they read a few reviews on slow cookers. Many people wonder exactly why a person should read reviews on slow cookers before purchasing a slow cooker and how doing so can be beneficial. Well, the following are some of the most significant reasons why a person should read slow cooker reviews before they actually go off buying one:

They can give you a lay of the land

Whether a person wants to buy a triple slow cooker or a normal slow cooker, reading reviews on slow cookers will give a person a lay of the land and show them all the possibilities and all the options that they have. Before a person makes a decision as to which slow cooker they will be purchasing, it would definitely be helpful for them if they knew about as many of the options that they have as possible.

They can help you learn more about specific cookers

When in the market for a slow cooker, a person would definitely have one or two personal favorites, and if a person is actually serious about purchasing one of these personal favorites, they would definitely need to learn more about them. An extremely significant benefit that a person gets to enjoy if they read reviews on slow cookers before purchasing a slow cooker is that the reviews can help a person learn everything they need to learn regarding specific cookers, cookers that they are interested in.

They can help you determine what the best option for you

The key to purchasing the ideal slow cooker for one’s self is to simply determine what the best option for a person is. If a person wants to purchase the perfect slow cooker for themselves, they need to first determine what the best option for them is when it comes to slow cookers. Whether the ideal slow cooker for a person is a slow cooker with timer, a slow cooker without timer or a slow cooker of any other kind whatsoever, reading reviews on slow cookers will help a person determine which one it is, and that is most certainly a significant benefit of reading reviews on slow cookers.